$4 Accessory that makes any car faster (Guaranteed)

I drive on the Geelong Ring road freeway every day to get to and from work.  One thing that I frequently noticed is something that some cars have that make them go faster than all the other cars.

I set my cruise control to exactly 100km/h, and I must say that Ford have done an excellent job on the cruise control as it holds the speed perfectly in my Ranger.  Now, nearly every day I see a car coming up rapidly behind me and then they pass me and quickly disappear out of site.  How could this be?  I wonder!  I know I am doing the speed limit, so what makes these cars faster than mine.

Then I noticed what it was, all these cars that go past me seem to have the same accessory applied to there car, you can buy it from any service station for around $4.50 or so.  It comes in 2 different colours, red and green, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference on performance.

I guess I should reveal what these cars have that mine doesn’t, and it seems to be the common factor that makes them faster – P Plates!  that’s right those plates that are put on the windows of cars so we know they are on a Probationary licenses.  These thins seems to add so much performance to any car, they all travel faster on the freeway, they accelerate faster, they stop faster, they corner faster.  Maybe I should invest in some, although their are downsides.

Here’s some information I got from the TAC website

  • As soon as newly licensed drivers switch from their L’s to their P’s they’re 30 times more likely to crash.*
  • Road crashes are the single biggest unintentional killer of young people aged 18-25 years in Victoria.
  • Young drivers are at greatest risk of dying or being seriously injured in the first six to twelve months of probationary driving.
  • Young drivers tend to over-estimate their level of ability and are more optimistic than they should be about their chances of not being involved in a crash.
  • Parents have also been found to over-estimate their child’s safety as a new driver.



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