The Importance of Good Audio

Having high quality audio is just as important, if not more important than the picture quality. Most people can put up with a couple of camera bumps, or out of focus shots when watching something (not saying we slack of on picture quality!), but if the audio is bad people we switch if off very quickly.  That’s because it is really hard to know what any video, movie or TV show is about without audio, what’s communication if we can’t here it.  Just think about how often you’ve stopped watching a YouTube video because the audio was shocking.

Aperture Films take both the audio and video quality of our productions very seriously and we put just as much effort in to both. We have a range of microphones and audio recording equipment that allows us to capture high quality audio in almost any situation.

Not only do we have high quality equipment, we also have the expertise to operate it properly. We also often spend just as much time editing the audio as editing the video to ensure that our videos are easy to hear all the way through and that you are not turning the volume up and down throughout different parts of the videos.

When you are getting a video produced of your next big event, Aperture Films will have everything sorted including excellent quality sound.


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